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Choose Between Our $0 Core and $44 Choice Plans

These plans are available in six Nebraska counties: Douglas, Sarpy, Saunders, Cass, Lancaster and Dodge. With these plans, you’ll have predictable, easy-to-budget costs for doctor office visits, prescription drugs, and more. Each plan offers a different level of benefits and out-of-pocket cost, so you can choose the one that is best suited to your needs.

Hospital & Medical Benefits

Click for more details Medicare Advantage Core (HMO) Medicare Advantage Choice (HMO-POS)
Monthly Premium
$0 $44
Travel Benefit  
Travel benefit means if you travel outside of the state you will be covered similar to in-state in-network benefits.
No Yes
Maximum Out of Pocket Limit (In network / Combined In & Out network)  
Maximum out of pocket means the total amount you are responsible to pay for Medicare-covered services.
$5,950 $5,000 / $6,700
Primary Care Doctor Visits  
This is your personally selected Physician to help guide your care.
$15 $10
Physician Specialist Doctor Visits  
Physicians that have expertize and focus in one area of healhcare.
$50 $45
Inpatient Hospitial - Acute $360 for days 1-5
$0 for days 6+
$300 for days 1-5
$0 for days 6+
Outpatient Hospital Surgery $350 $175
Urgent Care / Emergency Care $45 / $75 $45 / $75
Inpatient Skilled Nursing Facility  
These facilites have the staff and equipment to give skilled nursing care or rehab services, they could be part of a hospital or nursing home.
$0 for days 1-20
$164.50 for days 21-100
$0 for days 1-20
$160 for days 21-100
Routine Eye Exam  
Exam to diagnose diseases and conditions of the eye.
$20 $0
Routine Hearing Exam  
Exam to diagnose hearing and balance problems.
$20 $0
Fitness Benefit  
Specialized fitness program designed for seniors.
SilverSneakers SilverSneakers


Prescription Drug Benefits

Medicare Advantage Core (HMO) Medicare Advantage Choice (HMO-POS)
30-day retail supplies Preferred cost sharing Standard cost sharing Preferred cost sharing Standard cost sharing
Tier 1: Preferred Generic drugs $4 $14 $2 $12
Tier 2: Generic drugs $8 $18 $8 $18
Tier 3: Preferred Brand drugs $37 $47 $37 $47
Tier 4: Non-Preferred drugs 45% 50% 45% 50%
Tier 5: Specialty drugs 25% 25% 27% 27%
Additional Gap Coverage No No


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