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The Best Time to Buy a Medicare Supplement Policy?

The short answer—when you’re first eligible. There are exceptions, however. Get the details below.

Open Enrollment

There’s a window of time when you’re first eligible for Medicare called open enrollment. During that period, even if you have health problems you can get a Medicare supplement insurance policy for the same price as someone who’s healthy.

Your open enrollment is a six-month period that begins:

  • On the first day of the month you turn 65, and
  • You are enrolled in Medicare Part B

After Open Enrollment

It’s important to purchase a supplement when you’re first eligible. If you wait, your health history will determine:

  • Whether you are eligible for a supplemental policy
  • The cost for the policy

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, there’s no guarantee you’ll be eligible for a policy, and the costs could be significantly more.

Still Working at 65?

If you want to wait to enroll in Medicare, visit with your human resources department or call a BCBSNE representative at 888-926-5401. He or she will explain the implications of your decision and help you manage a delayed enrollment in order to avoid penalties.

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